Welcome to Remington Orthodontics

At Remington Orthodontics, we believe that personalized, individual care leads to the very best smiles. For more than 20 years, Dr. Lynn Remington has served families throughout the Moon Township and Sewickley, PA.

Dr. Remington and our team are committed to creating the best possible experience for you and your family, while delivering excellent orthodontic results. We are known for the personalized service we provide and the fabulous results we are able to achieve. We use only the highest quality of orthodontic products, combined with state-of-the-art technology to create beautiful smiles while keeping you comfortable in the process. Our commitment to excellence allows us to make available to you the best in orthodontic care.

Your smile is what people see first and remember most about you. If your smile or your child’s smile could be improved, orthodontics may be the answer.

Dr. Remington’s treatment options include:

All our staff members go out of their way to make patients and parents feel as comfortable as possible. Patients choose to come to us because we work hard to make sure they get the best possible appointments that work for their schedules, and they get the best possible treatment.

To find out how Dr. Remington can improve your health, smile, and self-confidence, schedule a consultation at our Moon Township orthodontic office or Sewickley orthodontic office !

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